Archive | June 24, 2003

East Tennessee FoxPro User Group

Steve certainly got the Wow! of the evening with a Universal Decorator Pattern using a clever feature of VFP. Interfaces can be kept in synch without having to constantly Xerox(ú) the properties and methods from the target object to its Decorators. Damn clever! Made it worth my trip to the meeting!

The Agenda, briefly: 
Introduction by Curtis Jones, CTO of NetLearning. 
Ted Roche, 10 minutes on what happened at DevCon – see links here 
Steven Black on Niche Markets and VFP 
Ted on RSS/XML 
Steve on Advanced Design Patterns: 

  • Factory
  • Decorator
  • Hooks (and Hooks and Anchors)
  • FoxPro Idiomatic Patterns: Set Path To idiom, Last Copy Wins idiom
Great Stuff! I suspect the only person who’s heard the Patterns session more than me is Steve, and I pick up a new idea or subtlety every time.

Blogging live from Knoxville!

Apple harvest yields computers, OS. The company says its new G5 machines are faster than any Windows-based PC on the market, but some are questioning that claim. Also: Putting a price on Panther, Apple’s new operating system. [CNET]

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