Archive | June 7, 2003

VFP and Perl: A winning combination

Leland F. Jackson, CPA posts yet another interoperability success story for VFP here. UPDATE: Leland points out that since Perl is using the ODBC driver, not updated for VFP since 6.0, there are a few limitations: no stored procedures will run, and 7.0/8.0 features such as auto-incrementing keys will fail, too.

SCO woes continue…

SCO, Novell continue bickering over Unix ownership. “SCO says newly uncovered documents further prove its claims, whereas Novell says it has retained patent rights to Unix.” from Computerworld News. I wish SCO would stop beating around the bush are reveal what the problem is. Vendors who choose to continue using their code could pay them a license fee, and vendors who choose not to could stop. Of course, that might not advance the value of SCO as much. Perhaps we should start a PayPal fund to buy them out.

Home again!

Made it home in one piece, 7 hours door-to-door, after a long day of work. On impulse power only for today.

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