Archive | July, 2003

‘Cannot update the cursor?’ Yes, but WhichOne?

Ever had a problem when compiling a VFP project of “Not a table” or “Cannot compile.” I have, and wrote a short program demonstrating how to figure out Which One of the files was the culprit. (Microsoft has apparently added this feature to VFP 8, I haven’t tried that yet.) Barbara Peisch took my example and enhanced it for her conference session “But what does that MEAN?” last year, and Mike Lewis has added a bit of explanatory text and posted the program on his web site here. It’s nice when you see something you contribute getting used.

WSJ: Web Allows People Like You And Me to Spot Trends. Uh-Oh.

Lee Gomes in the Wall Street Journal’s Portal column posits that the web allows us to spot trends, “disintermediating” the trend setters and trend spotters. I’ve always felt that online forums (CompuServe, Wikis, bulletin boards) could give you more of a sense of the market, the “what’s the man on the street opinion” but accumulators and search engines can turn this from an informal survey to a statistical analysis.

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