Archive | July 6, 2003

Day One Completed Successfully

Made it to Woodstock, Virginia, in one long drive, around eleven hours. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia along the way. Getting out of Connecticut was murder. And, ten miles short of my destination, another nasty accident in the dark, wet roads resulted in a one mile backup. But, other than that, pretty smooth sailing, especially considering I was keeping the company of many amateur long-distance drivers on this holiday weekend.

Counted plates from every state along the east coast from Maine to Florida, along with D.C., Wisconsin, Minnesota and Alabama. Hoping for another uneventful drive tomorrow.

Palm Tungsten C

David Pogue reviews the new Tungsten C in this New York Times story. Not yet available on the street, it just might tempt me back into the Palm world. I gave up on the PDAs when the rate of innovation exceeded my budget, and two Handspring Deluxes in a row turned out to be lemons.

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