Archive | July 10, 2003

Powerbook Switcher…

Ernie’s falling in love with his new machine. No surprise there. Here’s hoping to a long honeymoon… “Switching to OS X – Preview 03. My new 12″ Powerbook has arrived and I’ll have more to say about the wonderful features it has later.  But on the topic of OS X as an operating system here’s the score so far.  I have attached many “windows only” devices to it and they have all been recognized quickly by the Powerbook…. One thing you hear a lot from people who switch to Apple is how “stuff just works.” I’ve got a pretty clear picture now of what they are talking about.

[Ernie the Attorney]

Two battery=powered Inkjet printers reviewed

David Pogue reviews battery-powered printers in this review. I’d been considering a portable printer for booth duty at various conferences I attend, but these printers seem a bit expensive and slow for what you get. Since the booths will already have AC power for laptops and projectors, battery power is probably not reason enough to compromise on quality, performance and price. Guess I’ll look at buying an ordinary AC-powered printer… For Printing on the Run, Inkjets to Go. “Tiny new battery-operated printers from Canon and Hewlett-Packard may have you making hard copies on the road. How good are they?” By David Pogue. [New York Times: Technology]

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