Archive | July 21, 2003

Trustworthy UI….

Perhaps I’m just reading this wrong, but does this dialog tell me that if I’ve set my security settings HIGH, the only way I can open a document from an author with working macros is to trust EVERYTHING that author writes? Isn’t that backwards? A picture named Trust.JPG

RSS squabbling and the new Echo/Atom format

If you follow any of the folks in my blogroll, you’ve probably seen debate about a new format being pushed to replace RSS, ultimately. Here’s a little background that seems to be more impartial than most of what I’ve read. Oh, and skip to the bottom to catch a bit of news, even if you can’t finish the articleUpdate: Debate flares over Weblog standards. Despite technical battles, Weblogs prepare to alter the collaboration and content management space [InfoWorld: Top News]

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