Archive | June 12, 2003

Happy Father’s Day!

Dad got to celebrate his first Father’s Day when I was born on the day… a few years ago. It’s also my birthday this year. To celebrate the day, and because I finally got around to it, I picked up Dad’s computer and took it home to tune it up. It’s a PIII-550, Dell Dimension, 128 Mb RAM, 10 Gb HD, Win98SE, IE 5.00.000 (oh, oh), a couple of years old. Did the usual scandisk, defrag (had to go into safe mode to get it to work, oh-oh!). Ran Windows update to get IE 6.0 SP1 and 17 other critical patches. Then on to virus check. I used HouseCall’s online service (, as his Norton subscription had expired years ago. Oh-oh, again. 512 copies of Klez.H had infected just about everywhere. Used Symantec’s tool to clean it up, and it looks like it was able to repair nearly all the files. Then, on to Ad-Aware ( to remove Alexa and a cookie it didn’t like. Got 512 Mb of RAM and a new copy of Norton to keep things clean.

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