Archive | June 27, 2003

National Do Not Call Registry Opens…. and crashes

250,000 people had signed up by 10:30 AM, and 370,000 by noon, meaning 1000 sign-ups per minute. It was a lead story on several news networks this morning. I tried to log on to do it, and got “Document contained no data.” Perhaps it hasn’t crashed, but it’s not surprising that the site is laboring under the load. From the main FTC site: “Due to high registration volume, you may experience slow response time.” Who doesn’t want to opt out, after all?

Try: or

The .gov site reports 635,000 by 2:30 PM and 735,000 by 5 PM. Trying to post at 6 PM, I get the site, but it times out reponding to my submission. I note the site is an ASPX extension. I wonder how many more registrations they could have had if they’d chosen a more scalable technology.

I logged in and registered Saturday morning at 7 AM without a hitch.

The New York Times has a story here.

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