Bonus Session One Notes

Europa goals
Based on wish list customer feedback
Enhance database language and types
Additional end user UI features
Increase developer productivity
Improve report writer significantly
Extend XML, .NET and SQL Server interop
More designer hooks for extensiblity

UPDATE: Thanks to Tamar Granor for a few updates. 

Top 10 ER Rejections
Object oriented puzzle
Localized Pig Latin version
Help rewritten in Dr. Suess Language (Fox In Box)
DWIM() function
More product bugs and perfomance impediments
XCMD support
BROWSE wizard

Europa Reporting
Protect existing FRX investment
Added output flexibility
Open architectures
Better resuse story
Design-time improvements
Access to report objects at runtime

Design-Time Improvements
FontCharSet ö font script support
Grid Scale dialog ö inches, centimeters
Design-time labels
PROTECTED design mode
Better DataEnvirnonment story
_REPORTBUILDER, Design-time events

Runtime Improvements
Object Oriented syntax
More flexibility with Report Chaining
New output types (e.g., XML, HTML) and open architecture to plug-in 3rd party output engines.
Report processing events.

Europa has no limits...

Calvin video
USE Customer, IntelliSense kicks in, now color changing as it is being typed, compiling in the background.
Randy demos
New limits: arrays > 64k
Program code (individual procedures) unlimited
Huge number of features of SQL: 
    No limit on joins No limit on subqueries No limit on UNIONs No limit on # of tables No limit on IN() args Multiple subquery nesting GROUP BY in correlated subquery Sub-select in FROM clause Subquery in select list projection ORDER BY using field name with UNION clause Optimize LIKE "sometext%" Optimize TOP N UNIONs in INSERT INTO ·.SELECT Subquey in UPDATE Correlate INSERT/DELETE Optimize deleted tags
New data types ö VarBinary, timestamp, VarChar (field width actually returns VarChar length), CAST() function ICASE() function Binary index÷smaller than existing indexes (up to 30x). Size maintained during replace, only increases on append. Toolbox feature with dock-ability for native VFP form Anchoring for resizable forms- no code running Button graphic alignment with text ö spacing between graphics and text: PictureMargin, PictureSpacing Example of graphical button with hotkey Checkboxes with multi-line text Listboxes can hide the scrollbar if there aren't enough items to fill the list Listbox RowSourceType of ãCollectionä Grid MousePointer and MouseIcon property in Column and Header properties Themes in labels support ãGroupBoxCaptionä GDI support for labels ö let's you specify an angle or rotate at runtime! Polylines and Polygons Bells and Whistles, arrow and shapes Project manager will allow you to open Class Library in Class Browser. When docked, there are many more items on the context menu. Can load PRGs in Class Browser. Property sheet: cursorschema string was limited to 255 characters from CursorAdaptor builder Zoom dialog supports extended characters, like carriage return for captions ExpressionBuilder with syntax coloring and background compiling Add property features with default value! Calvin video: new property dialog, default value, no longer limited to 255 characters, too.

Running user code in the property window reads a memo field and can execute script (IntelliSense in the memo field!) wrapped in XML. Example of Inputbox() call to prompt for custom properties. This might support Capitalization for custom properties or ãFavoritesä tab for property sheet.

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