Archive | August 19, 2003

FoxForum Wiki RSS 1.0 feed beta one release

The FoxForum Wiki RSS 1.0 feed is ready for beta testing. Let me know if you see any weirdnesses. It’s the last set of links on It validates. It looks okay. We’ll rattle it around and see how it works.

Is it Big Brother watching? Microsoft tries to reason out newsgroups…

News.Com: Microsoft’s in-house sociologist. Q&A with Marc Smith. Microsoft has a big investment in online communities, and has not had until recently many tools to enhance that investment. What Microsoft wants around communities is what every enterprise does, which is a peer-support, knowledge-management application. [Tomalak’s Realm]

Borland to compete with IBM for federal bids

The headline doesn’t seem justified by the body text. A software supplier to the federal government will use Borland’s tools rather than IBM’s in bids on federal contracts. Whether it wins any or not is another matter…“Borland edges out IBM for federal bids” [CNET]

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