Archive | August 20, 2003

Perens says SCO claims bogus so far

Linux advocate: More SCO evidence flawed. “The SCO Group is zero for two in its efforts to prove that its Unix software was illegally copied into the Linux operating system, according to Linux advocate Bruce Perens, who on Wednesday said he traced a second example of SCO’s disputed code and that it was lawfully included in Linux.” [InfoWorld: Top News]

Week 34: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-33

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-033

Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-030

Security Update for Microsoft DirectX

has also been updated to support more versions of DirectX

FoxForum Wiki RSS 1.0 feed beta two release

The FoxForum Wiki RSS 1.0 feed is ready for more beta testing. It failed when there were no changes to process, a RETURN within a TRY…CATCH generating an error. Patched. The RSS 1.0 feed is the last set of links on

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