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Space Elevator

Way cool. I remember the original Arthur C. Clarke story, “Fountains of
Paradise,” and he’s quoted in the article as saying that he expected to
be ridiculed, and then he expected it to be built. I suspect there’s a
lot more technological problems to be solved, but this will be cool.
Space Elevator Going Up [Slashdot]
I have maintained for years that mankind must get off planet, if only
to avoid the “single point of failure” problem. Our little blue marble
of Earth is a tiny speck in the vast and dangerous universe…

Ideas as Property — the Big Lie of Big Content

EFF Petition.
“The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a petition for those of us
appalled by the RIAA’s singleminded attempt to criminalize file sharing
rather than working to come up with workable ways to achive the
multiple aims of building a flourishing a public domain, providing
access to works no longer available thorugh publishers, and
compensating artists….” [Joho the Blog]

Ideas as Property — the Big Lie of Big Content

Ideasas Property – the Big Lie of Big Content is
the title for this piece criticising the idea that ideas are property
that can be controlled like physical property. In the US, the framers
of the Constitution found the idea so important that they included it
in the document: Section 8:

The Congress shall have the
power… To promote
the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times
to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective
writings and discoveries;

Seems pretty straight-forward to me.

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