Knoppix 3.3 is out, and BitTorrent is the way to get it.

Knoppix 3.3, a self-booting Linux-on-a-CD distribution great for
demoing the product or rescuing a badly mangled install, is now
available for download. Instead of trying to get an image downloaded
from one of the mirrors, consider participating in the BitTorrent
technique for downloads. With BitTorrent installed and running, it took
most of the afternoon to get the image, but I got it on the first try,
and while I was downloading, BitTorrent could provide the parts I’d
downloaded to share with others, a real win-win situation. Slashdot
commentary and links to download sites are here.

Since I had nothing better to do with a few background CPU ticks, I’ve left the BitTorrent client running, sharing the wealth.

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