Archive | December 10, 2003

Microsoft Clarifies Intentions to Retire JVM-Based Products

Mary Jo Foley and Daryl Taft follow up on Microsoft backpedalling on removing a bunch of products that included Java. Some are given a one week reprieve (oh, I’ll run out to buy them!), others will be patched with an updated Java. Details at,4248,1407759,00.asp

Pragmatic Source Control with CVS

PVCwCVS.jpgThe guys who brought you “The Pragmatic Programmer,” Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, are publishing a series called the Pragmatic Starter Kit, under the imprint of The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Right now, the books can only be ordered from their web site. They claim to be avoiding distributors in order to maintain control of sales. I’m afraid that can really cut into the market they’re likely to reach, so I’ll help out a little with a plug here. Right now, I’m interested in “Pragmatic Source Control with CVS,” to replace a challenging SourceSafe-and-SourceOffSite configuration. Wish they had a discount for those of us who want to order the book AND the PDF. Check them out at

No Microsoft patches this month?

Wow, here’s a shocker! Now, are there no Microsoft patches because there’s nothing left to patch, or because we all took a long weekend over Thanksgiving? The SEVEN new IE exploits mentioned in the article are a clue… Microsoft: No patches this month. “The software giant announces that no security patches will be forthcoming this month.” [CNET – Front Door]

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