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December Virtual FoxPro User Group newsletter available for free download

Download Free December VFUG Newsletter Now. VFUG (the Virtual FoxPro User Group) just sent out the December issue of its monthly newsletter to those who have chosen to receive it via e-mail. Articles in this issue include Setting up SOAP/WSDL by Grady McCue, Data-Aware Controls by Les Pinter, A Basic Introduction to Office Automation using MS Visual FoxPro – Pt 8 by Matt Jarvis, New Series on VFP by Fletcher Johnson and Hugh Winter, Wireless Devices, Part 11: Jumping the Big Pond by Tom O’Hare, User Groups and Their Support of the Developer Community by Margaret Duddy, Help with White Papers and Case Studies by William Sanders, assorted tips that cover Image Storage, VFP 8 and NT4, Autofit in Grids, Character Picker, What’s the Name of the Active EXE?, Create a file of a certain size in Windows XP, and even more. As usual, you can view this monthly newsletter online or download its text version or all other back issues free at the VFUG site. Not a member? Join VFUG for free at the site. 42,000 others did. [FoxCentral]

*POINT – COUNTERPOINT SPECIAL* What’s Wrong with the Open Source Community?

LinuxWorld has an amusing “Point-Counterpoint” debate with two editors decrying the same features as bad or good. The complaint that “there’s too much stuff” ignores the opposite problem of there being much too little. This debate is an interesting contrast to the article I pointed to earlier this week, arguing the cultural underpinning of the two sides are fundamentally different. It reminds me of a debate between a liberal and a reactionary where the liberal believes the reactionary is entitled to their beliefs, but the reactionary doesn’t believe the liberal has the right to believe what they do. Perhaps “what we have here is a failure to communicate.”

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