Archive | December 26, 2003

Not If, But How?

In an article in CIO Insight, Mike Perlowski maintains “The religious wars over open-source software÷especially Linux÷are over. What lies ahead is a steely-eyed pragmatism about the software’s pros and cons.”

Cube House

It’s not too early to think about decorating for next year. After all, the decorations should be on clearance sale this week. See if you can top this: a cubicle turned into a house. Somebody’s got way too much time on their hands!

Gadgets of 2003

Dan Gillmor blogs his favorite gadgets of 2003: the Treo 600 and a new Sony Cybershot not yet available in the U.S. When Laura, Steve and I went to Mom’s for Christmas Eve, sister Anne had a Treo 600 to show off. Pretty neat little toy!

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