MSKB via KBAlertz: How to Run a dBASE IV Report File in FoxPro

KBAlertz is a very useful and free service for those who need to keep up with the Microsoft KnowledgeBase. Visit the site and you can sign up for free email notification when KnowledgeBase articles of interest are posted or update on the Microsoft site.

Today, I received notice that “How to Run a dBASE IV Report File in FoxPro” was updated. Most curious. My dealings with dBASE IV were few and decades ago. The article describes how various dBASE IV files can be manipulated by Microsoft FoxPro for DOS and Windows 2.5 and 2.6 as well as Visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0. I’m not convinced the Visual FoxPro reference is correct, as I thought the migration material was only available in the 2.x versions, but I no longer have VFP 3.0 installed to check.

It is curious as to why this article was flagged as updated. Wonder what changed…


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