My website’s down, and so am I :(

So, after four phone calls and nearly an hour on hold, I finally got the straight scoop from my ISP. The DSL they’ve been selling me for the past year is *NOT* a static IP address, as they’d claimed, it’s dynamic. Just lucky it hadn’t changed in 14 months. (They’re refunding the money I’ve paid for a static IP address they didn’t have to sell me.) They’re pretty much in a tizzy in the local office, as they have a number of clients to provision, and no IP addresses to give them. Since they’ve been bought out by a BigCo, they have to wait for the BigCo to deign to let them have a few measly IP addresses so they can pass them out again. In the meantime, I’m stuck with a dynamic IP address, and I’ll have to jury-rig something to keep the website and RSS feeds online as I can. What a pain in the neck.

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