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The Answers Are Out There, but some of them are ‘No.’

I updated my test laptop to Fedora Core 1 from RedHat 9 to try to get rid of a few problems, and update a bunch of stuff. Other than being slow (an old 8x CD-ROM), install looked successful, until I tried to access the network. The 3C905 card I’ve used in the docking station since the beginning of time doesn’t seem to work right under Fedora Core 1. Thank goodness for internet search engines – in a few minutes I had the clues here, here and here, that it was an interaction between kudzu, the RedHat hardware change detector, and the card. Disabling kudzu on startup solves the problem temporarily. Check out all three sites:, and, for loads more information. It is amazing how much knowledge is out there!

Novell making news with BrainShare

With Novell’s annual BrainShare conference in full swing, Novell’s making the headlines. Here’s a sampling:

Torvalds: Outside threats to Linux. During a surprise guest appearance at Novell to Combine Best of KDE and Gnome. Novell’s Linux-oriented divisions, Ximian and SuS… [OSNews]

Linux on the Desktop, Part XIV: The Novell Years. Novell, the up-and-coming superchum of Linux who has recently acquired both SuSE and Ximian, wants to toss its hat into the “desktop panacea” ring and pontificate on the future of Linux on the desktop (with Novell products in the server closet). [Ars Technica]

Q&A: Novell’s Messman and Stone weigh in from BrainShare. Novell’s top two executives, CEO Jack Messman and Vice Chairman to the CEO Chris Stone, talked about Linux, the future of grid computing at Novell and more in separate interviews. [Computerworld News]

Novell: VPN for Macs, iFolder, Linux Certification, Migration. [OSNews]

Siemens, SuSE Linux partner on sales. Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co. OHG (SBS), the IT service subsidiary of German electronics giant Siemens AG, has agreed to a sales partnership with Novell Inc.’s newly acquired open source software vendor, SuSE Linux AG, the companies said Tuesday. [InfoWorld: Top News]

Bob Edwards out as host of Morning Edition

New York Times: NYT HomePage reports Edwards to Be Replaced as NPR Host. “National Public Radio has bounced Bob Edwards, host of “Morning Edition” since its inception in 1979, out of his job.” By The Associated Press.

How sad, six months short of his 25th year on the show. I’ve enjoyed Edwards a lot. Replacing him for no apparent reason than “refreshing” the show seems pretty weak. Glad they didn’t treat Cronkite like that.

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