Archive | March 25, 2004

Will the EU Kill Open Source?

Has Microsoft Gotten the EU to Kill Open Source?. Jeremy Allison, from the Samba team that makes Linux and other software interoperate with Windows, says the European Commission’s antitrust order against Microsoft may be just what the monopolist needs to wreck open-source as a viable alternative. [Dan Gillmor’s eJournal] down, again

Seems like TDS Internet is having a hard time keeping their service running. This is the second long-term downtime this month. The first resulted in the discovery that my ‘static’ IP address wasn’t. went down at 6:04 AM this morning. Testing at the server shows the DHCP at the ISP is no longer handing out IP addresses. A call to their service number plays a recording that they are aware of the outage and working on it. Four hours and counting… [UPDATED] Back up and running at 10:50, nearly five hours down.

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