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Don’t Let the FCC Design Your Software and Hardware!

Don’t Let the FCC Design Your Software and Hardware.

The technology community needs to stand with opponents of the movie industry’s software-regulation scheme, also known as the Broadcast Flag. The EFF and others are suing to block stifling rules designed to protect Hollywood at everyone else’s expense.

Meanwhile, PublicKnowledge,org is lining up tech companies to sign comments to the FCC opposing such regulation. There are only three days left to sign before the comment deadline ends. If you’re a tech executive or have the ear of one, please pass along the links and urge him or her to sign.

Posting from Dan Gillmor’s eJournal

Army to Gates: Halt the free software

c|Net features a story, “Army to Gates: Halt the free software” reporting that Microsoft is giving software away to government officials which “places our employees and soldiers in jeopardy of unknowingly committing a violation of the ethics rules and regulations to which they have taken an oath to uphold.” So, is Microsoft committing bribery?

Maybe we should all send them disks of Mandrake and instead.

Microsoft: SourceSafe Automation broken in 6.0d

Heads-up to programmers trying to automate SourceSafe: [kbAlertz – Visual SourceSafe] points to a new Microsoft KnowledgeBase article indicating the Get command is no longer recursive in the latest 6.0d version of SourceSafe: FIX: The Get method behaves differently with VSSVersion and with VSSItem when you use OLE Automation in Visual SourceSafe 6.0d. (837417) – When you create a program that uses Microsoft Visual SourceSafe OLE Automation, the behavior of the Get method with a VSSVersion object and with a VSSItem object in Visual SourceSafe 6.0d is different from the behavior of the Get method with these…

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