Boston Fox UG this Wednesday: Steve Lundahl: A Whirlwind Tour of SQL Server

Boston Fox UG, Wednesday, March 24, A Whirlwind Tour of Microsoft SQL Server. A Whirlwind Tour of Microsoft SQL Server – From Newbie to VLDB Design (Very Large Databases) by Steven Lundahl, Senior Developer, Brickmill Marketing Services, Nashua, NH. Steve is the system architect and DBA of a 500 GB fundraising database system using SQL Server and Visual FoxPro with some VB (and soon .NET). Steve presents a general orientation on SQL Server tools including: Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Data Transformation Services and SQL Profiler. He then moves on to discuss database design, programming techniques and hardware considerations for scalability and performance. Emphasis is on planning for Very Large Databases. Programming examples are in T-SQL, Visual FoxPro, VB6 and C#/.NET Windows Forms. 7:00pm, Microsoft offices, 210 Jones Rd., Waltham, MA. Bonus: 2 Microsoft-supplied doorprizes. For more UG information and directions, tune into By Boston Area FoxPro User Group. [FoxCentral News]


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