HWP: Tiny Guide to OpenOffice.org

Hentzenwerke Publishing ships Tiny Guide to OpenOffice.org. This sounds like a great little book. Looking forward to checking it out. I’ve been using OpenOffice.org for a couple of years now, on Windows, Linux and OS X, and I’m really pleased with it. I just installed the NeoOffice/J version, a native UI version for the Mac, and I’m enjoying it a lot more than the X11 version I had been using.

Via the RSS feed at Hentzenwerke Moving From Windows to Linux



  1. NeoOffice/J 1.1 released | Ted Roche's weblog - October 24, 2013

    […] I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been using the NeoOffice/J since January, and I’ve been really pleased with it. […]

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