VFP 9 EULA posted to FoxForum Wiki

Andrew MacNeill points out that the VFP 9 EULA is posted in its entirety to the FoxForum Wiki at http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~VFP9EuLA~VFP.

It’s great to see the brain-dead requirement of having to uninstall previous versions has been removed. However, there are some really bizarre new phrases added. Rush Strong points out the weirdest: “You may not.. work around technical limitations in the software,” Excuse me? That’s how I have made my living for the past fifteen years. VFP doesn’t include your inventory system, but that’s a technical limitation I can help you work around. Yes, it’s true that DROP TAG ALL will remove all relations, but I know of a product that works around that technical limitation… VFP crashes when used with some HP drivers, but there’s a technical work-around on the Microsoft KnowledgeBase that lets me work around this technical limitation.

I find it hard to believe that such a silly requirement could be enforced in court. On the one hand, OJ was found innocent and Sacco and Vanzetti executed. On the other, Microsoft was found guilty, guilty, guilty. I have neither the money nor the interest in finding out what is and isn’t enforceable in the EULA! But I think a lawyer at Microsoft needs to be flogged for writing such nonsense.

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