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Free to be misused by you and me

OSNews reports Sun ‘Distorts’ Definition Of Free Software. “Sun’s president Jonathan Schwartz has angered some in the free software community for appearing to misrepresent what open source is. In Schwartz’s opening keynote at the JavaOne conference on Monday he spoke about how free price is the most important feature of free and open source software.” It’s sad to see this myth continued, and a frustrating misunderstanding. Open Source Software is Free-To-Change, Free-To-Use-The-Way-You-Want, Modifiable, Manipulable, Free-From-Legal-Claims, Free-To-Share, Liberated. Free was such a loaded word to choose. Bummer

Rhode Island government on the web, at your service

Garrett Fitzgerald’s Blog notes Rhode Island government on the net. The Rhode Island state government has an API!

It is simply unacceptable at this point in history that a citizen can use web services to track the movies he is renting, the weather around his house, and the books he’s recently purchased but cannot as easily monitor data regarding the quality of his drinking water, legislation or regulations that will directly impact his work or personal life, what contracts are currently available to bid on for his state, or what crimes have recently occurred on his street.


Microsoft settles with IBM on anti-trust

Computerworld News notes Update: Microsoft to pay IBM $775M in antitrust settlement. “Microsoft and IBM have agreed on a $775 million settlement in IBM’s private antitrust case against Microsoft… Including today’s settlement, Microsoft has paid about $4.5 billion in antitrust claims following the U.S. government case. Pending antitrust lawsuits include those brought by RealNetworks Inc., Novell Inc. and Go Corp.”

Wow. For some companies, $4,500,000,000 would be a lot of money.

So, is this TrustWorthy Computing — some kind of Anti-anti-trust?

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