Archive | July 30, 2005

Novell: SCO owns no copyright, and we ought to get all their licensing money

OSNews points to a Groklaw article: Novell Files Countersuit Against SCO. “Today, Novell has answered SCO’s complaint alledging Novell slandered SCO’s ownership of the Unix copyrights. Novell claims that SCO approached Novell in 2003 to try and pursuade them to go along with the Linux Licensing Scheme. When Novell refused, SCO attempted to talk Novell into transfering the Unix Copyrights to SCO, which Novell also refused to do. Novell has also filed four counterclaims against SCO, one of them being Slander of Title (for SCO slandering Novell’s ownership of the Unix Copyrights).”

Delicious. If accepted, Novell should earn all the monies SCO got from “licensing” rights to software it didn’t own, plus penalties. Looking forward to the next step.

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