Archive | July 27, 2005

Insight into the Greasemonkey issue

Following up on my response to Alex Feldstein’s post on Greasemonkey security warning, Jon Udell posts his weekly column today, “Greasemonkey in crisis:
A hole in a Firefox plug-in proves that no one, not even open source partisans, have all the answers” with several insightful comments:

This time there was no Microsoft to blame. The open source underdogs had done this to themselves.

How can sandboxed environments sufficiently empower developers while preserving meaningful isolation of risk? … There are no perfect answers to these questions.

Dvorak: struggling to make sense of Creative Commons

 Doc Searls’ IT Garage – notes Barning Creative Commons. “John C. Dvorak is one of the most interesting, informative and entertaining journalists in the history of the computer business. He is also something of a troll.”

To think at one time my career aspiration was to be the next Dvorak. Luckily, I got over it. Sadly, John never did.

P.S. If that one doesn’t hit your hot button, try “Windows Vista: Where’s the Buzz?” At least John’s an equal-opportunity troll.

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