Passed MySQL Core Certification

Powered by <ySQLI took the MySQL Core Certification exam yesterday, and passed. It was a tough exam, a bit too picky about edge cases, I think, but I passed. The NDA pretty much forbids me saying more about the exam. Fair enough. The exam is only valid if the Q&A aren’t published, otherwise, the value of the exam and certification plummets, as happened with “paper CNEs” and “paper MCSEs”.

MySQL Core Certification logo

I have earned the MySQL Core Certification

The MySQL folks don’t seem as constrained by the NDA, and post a “real life story” as well as point to two blog entries. That ought to give you a pretty good idea of what’s involved. I’ll wait a while before taking the Pro certification, as it’ll require a few weeks of dedicated night and weekend studying, but I think that’s the proper level of certification for a software development consultant like me to have.


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