MySQL Web Seminars online

Yesterday, I “attended” a web seminar put on by the MySQL folks titled “MySQL for DBAs:
How to be Successful as a Scale-Out MySQL DBA” It was an excellent overview of the many ways in which MySQL can be configured with different data engines, settings, configurations, replication or clusters for various High Availability (HA) situations using OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP) or Data Warehousing scenarios. The web seminar was put on using WebEx, which gave the presenters the opportunity to maintain a Q&A and Chat off to the side during the presentation. WebEx supports Java clients in most browsers: I used Safari on my iMac. Audio, though, isn’t streamed, but rather delivered via a toll-free telephone connection. Overall, it was a good use of an hour of my time, getting me some good information and pointers on where to learn more. Sort of like a vendor presentation at a user group, but without the hours of driving on either end.

MySQL archives these presentations and makes them available at

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