ColdPlay doesn’t want you to listen to their music.

Ars Technica notes “A CD insert to make Sony blush. CD disclaimers are becoming more common now that DRM routinely renders discs unplayable for consumers, but the disclaimer accompanying a Coldplay CD takes the cake. Then smashes it. Then points and laughs.” By (Ken “Caesar” Fisher).

What an astoundingly bad idea. Let’s punish the 98% of music fans to prevent (badly, poorly and ineffectively) a small number of pirates. This is so clueless. Copying and sharing (and legitimate Fair Use, time-, place- and device-shifting) is always going to happen. The winners in the music industry will be the ones who learn how to turn that sharing into revenue. Lots of musicians and music sites are learning how to do that. Patronize them, and not the clueless.

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