Wisconsin passes verifiable voting law

Slashdot post: Wisconsin Requires Open Source, Verifiable Voting. AdamBLang writes “Previously covered on Slashdot, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle today signed legislation that “will require the software of touch-screen voting machines used in elections to be open-source. Municipalities that use electronic voting machines are responsible for providing to the public, on request, the code used.” Madison’s Capital Times reports “the bill requires that if a municipality uses an electronic voting system that consists of a voting machine, the machine must generate a complete paper ballot showing all votes cast by each elector that is visually verifiable by the elector before he or she leaves the machine.””

Bravo! Kudos to Wisconsin! The electronic voting industry has been asking “Trust Us!” for much too long. Voting is far too important to trust a black-box, unverifiable, unauditable system. Full transparency is not an option, it’s required.

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