Palm 700w: bulkier, clumbsier

NYT > Technology: David Pogue: A Marriage Not Made in Heaven. “Some features of Palm’s new Treo 700W cellphone-organizer are so well executed, you can’t help grinning, while others are so clumsy, you smack your forehead.” By DAVID POGUE. “The Treo 700W ($400 with a two-year Verizon commitment) is a Frankensteinian mishmash.”

Over at the Wall Street Journal, Walter Mossberg concludes “The Treo 700w will appeal to some Windows Mobile fans, and to some corporate IT staffs. But for everyone else, I advise sticking with the Palm-based Treos.”

Too bad. A friend had told me to keep an eye on the Treo line as he felt the Treo 650 needed one more version to be the category-killer PDA-Phone. Looks like the 700w was not the right one. Palm promises a PalmOS-based version is on the way. I’ll wait.

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