Oracle, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, Ashton-Tate and XENIX, oh my!

I’ll try to put together a more comprehensive post later, but wanted to log a series of links I want to revisit. This is a WeB Log after all:

Firebird News: MySQL to adopt Firebird Architecture

MySQL to adopt Firebird architecture

Database Journal: “Oracle’s purchase of InnoDB, their release of Oracle Express, and the effect on MySQL” 9 Nov 2005, By Ian Gilfillan

“MySQL’s response to Oracle’s moves:”

“Pressure on MySQL increases as Oracle purchases Sleepycat, with more to come” 15 Fwbruary 2006, By Ian Gilfillan

Slashdot’s reaction:

Wikipedia’s notes on Jim Starkey, InterBase, and Firebird

Exciting times.


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