Ed Leafe: State of the Dabo presentation at PyCon video online

Over at leafe.com, Ed Leafe posts:

“Last week at PyCon I gave a session on The State of Dabo, and we recorded it with a video camera located in the back of the room. So yeah, we have a recording, but both the video and audio are less than optimal. Still, if you’d like to see it, I’m making the video available.”

“Due to the large file size, I won’t be serving it directly from my servers. I’ve created BitTorrent files that will allow everyone to share the bandwidth and make things go much more smoothly. The session is broken up into 3 parts, so here are the URLs for each of the torrents:”


“If you’re not familiar with the way that BitTorrent works, keep in mind that once you have the complete file, *don’t* close your torrent client. Instead, leave it running, which will help speed up downloading for others. The more people connected to these torrents,
the faster everyone gets a copy!”

I’ll be hosting a couple of BitTorrent seeds here over the weekend, so grab it while you can!


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