Fedora Core 5 isos available – grab the BitTorrent while it flows!

Slashdot post: Fedora Core 5 Available. Jan Slupski writes “New release day today. Fedora Core 5 CD images are now available for download (i386, ppc, x86_64) on the ftp servers or via the torrent page.” Linclips also has a short screencast on some of the default functionality.”

Cranked up Azureus to download and share the ISOs for the FC5 DVD and 5-CD set(!) (plus rescue CD). If you like the Red Hat Way and like messing with some of the more experimental stuff out there, Fedora will show you what to expect in Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the next version. For workstations, I’m using a mix of Fedora and Ubuntu. For servers, I set clients up with one of the RHEL flavors. In-house, we’re pinching pennies with Fedora and CentOS.

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