Virtual new Reality

From Garrett Fitzgerald’s Blog: “VMWars. Microsoft announces that it will give away Virtual Server. VMWare’s response? Not only are they giving away VMWare Player and VMWare Server Beta free, but they just opened up the specs for their Virtual Machine Disk format. *rubs hands gleefully* Ooh, this is gonna be good… hope VMWare’s smarter than Netscape was. 🙂 (Thanks to the /. folks for the pointer.)”

Over at Linux Watch: “One of the ironies of Microsoft’s PR move (giving away Virtual
Server) is that it really makes no sense to run a virtual machine on
top of Windows. Windows, as the forthcoming bloatware called Vista
shows to an extreme, takes up a lot of resource. As David Berlind
points out on his ZDNet blog, “One of the great advantages of Linux is
how, when you’re setting up a system, you can strip all of the bloat
except for only those components that you need to support whatever you
plan to run on the box.”

Looking forward to meeting the Xen folks at their booth at LinuxWorld this week!


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