A New Bubble or Continuing Evolution?

InfoWorld: Top News reports Open source goes big time with Red Hat-JBoss Deal.

(InfoWorld) – “Red Hat’s surprise announcement that it’s acquiring JBoss could upend accepted wisdom about both the size and function of open source software companies. Still, some customers are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward the deal.”

I wonder if this is a new bubble of irrational exuberance, or the ongoing business as usual. Red Hat’s not the only one making news…

Slashdot post: MySQL to Adopt Solid Storage Engine. hmart writes “As seen on ZDNet’s Open Source Blog MySQL is taking another step to defend from Oracle’s recent acquisitions of InnoBase and Sleepycat. From the article: ‘MySQL responds by getting Solid Information Technology, a proprietary database vendor, to take its solidDB Storage Engine for MySQL open source, under the GPL, starting in June.’

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