WinSCP 3.8.1 released

WinSCP (Secure Copy) lets you copy, move or synchronize files and folders between two machines over a secure (ssh) tunnel. It offers a simple two-panel local-remote file explorer supporting drag-and-drop, a toolbar of utilities (rename, move, copy, etc.) and intuitive operation. I use WinSCP all the time to keep remote Linux machines up to date with local Windows machines while doing development. (Actually, the “local Windows machine” is almost always using files on a networked share via SMB that’s actually a Linux file server running Samba, so I’m really just using Windows as the pretty GUI to synch two Linux machines, but I digress.)

WinSCP has just released a new version, v. 3.8.1, with a significant list of changes, improvements and bug fixes. SCP (really ssh) servers are available for most platforms and interoperate between different OSes. Check out WinSCP.


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