Archive | May 16, 2006

Apple does it again: consumer MacBooks join the lineup

Over at Ars Technica, Clint Ecker notes Apple debuts Intel-based MacBooks. “Intel CPUs make their way into another segment of Apple’s product lineup with today’s introduction of the new MacBook. New to Apple’s consumer portable are integrated graphics, a choice in case colors, and true support for dual displays.”

Sweet. If you’re looking for a smaller portable machine, these take the place of the iBooks. It appears that Apple is merging its iBook and PowerBook lines into the MacBook brand with “Pro” designating the bigger, beefier models. For around ~ $1100, there’s a lot of laptop in there to love. Maxxed out at twice that and you’ve got a pretty powerful machine.

Laura and I were disappointed when the 17″ MacBook Pro came out and lacked a numeric keypad. I know it would take away from the smooth sleek surface, but we’re more inclined towards an HP 17″ just to get the number keys back.

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