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AT&T shares their secrets with the world

Slashdot postAT&T Accidentally Leaks NSA Suit Information. op12 writes “CNET has an article describing how AT&T accidentally leaked sensitive information involving the NSA lawsuit. From the article: 'AT&T's attorneys this week filed a 25-page legal brief striped with thick black lines that were intended to obscure portions of three pages and render them unreadable. But the obscured text nevertheless can be copied and pasted inside some PDF readers, including Preview under Apple's OS X and the xpdf utility used with X11.”

Boy, I'm sure glad AT&T isn't protecting any of my private information, like the Veteran's Administration or Acxiom or CardSystems.

The article goes on to say, “The deleted portions of the legal brief seek to offer benign reasons why AT&T would allegedly have a secret room at its downtown San Francisco switching center that would be designed to monitor Internet and telephone traffic. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which filed the class action lawsuit in January, alleges that room is used by an unlawful National Security Agency surveillance program.”

Here's the Wired article on the “secret room.”


GROKLAW quoting a source at Stanford Law, reports: “The Court also held that the website editors were journalists entitled to claim California’s Journalist Shield…” Yes! Freedom of the Press belongs to WordPress, too!


JazLaura and I are sad to announce that Jazper left us on May 18th after many years of faithful service. Jaz was a handful, but a happy, energetic, enthusiastic dog.

Jaz had lymphosarcoma and had been under treatment for the last year. He was comfortable right up until the end, and I’m grateful I had the extra time the treatment gave me to appreciate my friend. Jaz will be remembered and missed.

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