Archive | May 10, 2006

Microsoft Patches 3 vulnerabilities: Flash (!), Exchange, DTS

InfoWorld reports “Microsoft released one critical security update for its Exchange messaging server and two security updates for Windows on Tuesday, one of which was critical… In Microsoft’s rating system, a critical vulnerability means it could allow unauthorized software to be installed without user action… The third patch released Tuesday fixes two vulnerabilities in Windows rated as “moderate,” Microsoft said… More information and Microsoft’s monthly security bulletin can be found at its Web site“.

Funny, I would not have thought that Adobe Flash was a product MSFT would be responsible for patching, but it appears they shipped it in some of their components. Watch out for the Exchange patch – SANS Internet Storm Center is reporting it cripples Blackberries using the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

MS06-018, 019 and 020 ship this week. It’s the 19th week of the year.

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