Asta La Vista My Computer, now it's Their Computer

In Fun with User Access Control in Vista… Argh!!!, Microsoft MVP and Developer Extrodinaire Rick Strahl bemoans:

Vista Security is tight and I can understand the need to lock down the system to some degree. But UAC is nothing short of annoying, so much so that it becomes a totally worthless feature. After using UAC for a few minutes you won't be reading any prompts and blindly prompting every link spawned. This is not security – this is making things worse by giving people a false sense of security… It's relatively straight forward to turn off UAC, but as it turns out this doesn't quite get you all the way where you might expect.

He documents a situation in which the Administrator of the machine is unable to delete a directory. Is this a feature? When a skilled and experienced operator can't find a way to work through a system to repair a problem, there's something deeply wrong. Read Rick's entire post here.

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