Take that, Voldemort!

Does anyone else think that “Bifidus Regularis™!” sounds like a spell Harry Potter should have been casting?

Bifidus Regularis is a trademark of Dannon for their Activia line of yogurts

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  1. bill_mcgonigle August 1, 2007 at 10:55 pm #

    Trademarking a nickname for a common yogurt bacteria? Somebody has an IP lawyer with too much to do.

    Skip the hype yogurts, and grab a 1 cup low/non-fat vanilla wal*mart-brand yogurt, a gallon of Oakhurst 1% milk, and a quarter cup of maple syrup. Boil the milk until it starts to bubble at the edge, mix in the maple syrup, cool to 110 degrees, strain into a casserole dish or two on a warming pad (the kind for sore muscles and tummy aches) on high, mix in the store yogurt, stir, and come back in 6-ish hours. Pour off any separated whey, and for the heavenly touch, pour the whole thing into a micromesh or cheesecloth strainer, pour off the whey (sour) and prepare for an experience you can’t buy in the store. Fresh fruit and granola optional, best served slightly chilled.

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