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Wednesday, 03 April, 2002

Remote control of the web site via Terminal Services is really tough, because the terminal services client crashes quite often, sometimes within seconds of logging on, sometimes only after a while. I suspect it is a weakness in the TS Server on the web server – it is, after all, only an AST P166, with built-in ATI Rage video on the motherboard. I have had a lot of problems with ATIs over the years, and suspect something in the driver is confusing the TS Server. Of course, it could be one of hundreds of other components, too, and there are few high-level troubleshooting tools to work with. On the clients, I have a Dr. Watson log that lists running processes and registers. On the server, no trace of an error. Grr.

Steve and I put together the second CPU for the Dell Workstation 400 machine, and are going to burn that in for a week and see how it works. If it’s running okay, we’ll put in both at once and have our first multi-processor machine up and running. That, eventually, will become the new web server.

Woody Leonhard has an advertisement in one of his newsletters for an alternative remote control software, something I might consider for the short-term, instead of crashing out of Terminal Services. It is

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