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Thursday, 04 April, 2002

Last night was the Windows 2000 User Group. Joe Stagner, Technical Evangelist for the Waltham Office presented an unofficial, sometimes irreverant “sneak peek” at the next version of Windows Server, tentatively named NET Server. Interesting stuff.

Some of the links he mentioned:

Tough day. Working on the test laptop (HP Omnibook 7100, PII-266, 8 Gb, 160 Mb RAM), and installed a Microsoft USB Optical Intellimouse. Ran the tutorial, visited the web site to try to get the latest drivers, chose to ‘repair’ the installation. That was the end of that operating system. WinXP? died an ungraceful death. Last Known Good Configuration wasn’t good. Turns out the floppy drive is bad. Attempted a re-install. No Product Key. Microsoft won’t let me on to their MSDN Universal downloads so I can get another one. Doesn’t matter what I tell them – no access. So this is what good Microsoft’s anti-piracy does for them. I’ll install Win2K instead. Or maybe Linux.

Learning more about Twiki. That, at least, works.

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