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Wednesday, 17 April, 2002

Is nothing safe? Now it looks like the Back button (or backspace) can be used to exploit your computer. Is Nothing safe?

At the prodding of Ken Levy to fix the stuff I messed up yesterday, I got to play with the Web Services interface of Pretty slick and simple and elegant.

Ten-thirty AM, and the web server is up and running in the basement, er, the server room :). Not bad. Three-thirty PM, with a break for lunch, and Steve and I have the Dell Workstation set up with a clean installation of Windows 2000 Server, with SP2, SP2SPR1, and dozens of other security patches. Can’t get Terminal Services to work, but everything else is running. More tomorrow.

Microsoft isn’t the only one doing underhanded things to boost revenue. Oracle looks like it took the state of California in grand style, and Microsoft is shaking down the state of Texas for 5-year-old licenses.
.att%KBAlertz is a new service on the web that will send you email about changes or additions to the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the topics you select, for free. Good deal!

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