Post dated 2002-04-09 00:00:00

Tuesday, 09 April, 2002 has some interesting information on the BASIC language, including links to free or cheap implementations. The most interesting link, to me, on the page was to, for command-line tools. Having a set of tools available from the command line has tremendous advantages: writing scripts for routine functions, quick and dirty operations, ease of use, easy access over slow links or telnet.


Spent most of the day hard at work, trying to get Outlook automation to behave properly.


Added InterWikis links so that I could add MSKB and ISBN links easily into documents. Can also have links from here to my favorite Wiki, FoxWiki:FoxForumWiki.


Working on installation of the Twiki:Plugins.UserCookiePlugin so that I might be able to support authoring on the site with proper credit to the authors.




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