Friday, 12 April, 2002

Groggy morning, following a user group meeting last night – SQL Server Users Group.

Continued troubleshooting issues with VFP development, Outlook and Exchange Automation. And continued, and continued… whew. has an interesting discussion on adding mailto links to a page without having them easily screen-scraped by spam bots, but still easy to use. I wonder if all of the effort is worth it… Read the source here for one of the solutions…

    // Anti e-mail address harvester script.
    function n_mail(n_user) {
       self.location = "mailto:" + n_user + "@" + "tedroche" + "." + "com";

<a href="n_mail('tedroche');">tedroche
<!-- antispam -->@
<!-- antispam -->tedroche
<!-- antispam -->.
<!-- antispam -->com
<!-- antispam --></a>


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