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Friday, September 06, 2002

As usual, TGIF.

My web server is giving me trouble. A couple of pages on my SourceSafe Twiki keep displaying bad characters or getting truncated. Not sure if it is the machine (P-166, 64 Mb) or the OS or the software, but it feels like it is time to take down the machine and start again.

Installed Mozilla 1.1 today. It’s pretty slick, fast and clean. Worked on most of my favorite web sites without a problem. However, it couldn’t handle the non-standard Javascript of the SourceSafe page on Microsoft, not surprisingly. Opera and Netscape couldn’t do it, either. Too bad. Wish they’d stop making non-standard stuff.

Interesting article on O’Reilly’s website on how Mozilla can invoke Web Services via Javascript.

WinMerge looks like a cool standalone tool to do merging and diffing of source.

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