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Monday, September 16, 2002

Monday, Monday. Got a drenching rain last night; we needed the water. But it’s still too humid this morning for my tastes.

Mozilla has tabs! With a tabbed interface, I can have several windows open at once, similar to the MDI interface in Opera. Just a few more things left to tweak on.

  • The Tiger Skin interface in Twiki doesn’t render correctly.
  • The mouse wheel doesn’t scroll a long page.
  • Opera lets you save and restore a set of windows, a great feature.

I accidentally closed the Moz main form and instantly lost 6 trains of thought, in the different windows. Sure would be nice to be able to save and restore them.

Moz has a security leak, although it looks like a low-threat one to me:

In corporations, innovation is driven by competition. AMD, the powerhouse for single-processor CPUs for a couple of years, has fallen behing the latest Pentium 4s, according to this article on Tom’s Hardware. Good. It will make everyone work harder to catch up.

According to, Microsoft is getting a pass when the Bush administration reports on computer security.

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